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Bentley Commons at Keene prides itself in providing evidence based health and wellness programming that is clinically excellent as part of a fresh, new approach to healthcare and wellness benefitting residents, families and associates.

Exercise and wellness programs and seminars are part of the proactive approach to health and wellness which is improving functional wellness and quality of life for residents. A reduced risk of falls through increased strength and balance, a decrease in hospitalizations, and an increase in overall satisfaction are benefits experienced by residents.

Bentley Commons at Keene Optimal Living

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Proactive approach to healthcare

Traditional Reactive approach to healthcare

Immediate commencement of skilled therapy upon move-in regardless of insurance coverage or restrictions

Time lapse of up to 3 weeks from initial move-in to start of care.

Therapy may be refused in some cases where residents do not have restrictions in insurance coverage

Skilled therapy beyond insurance restrictions if necessary

Mandatory discharge from therapy when resident has returned to “prior level of function”

Skilled episodes of care followed up by a supervised and customized wellness program run by an exercise physiologist

Patients discharged with home exercise program that statistically shows little to no follow through Wellness classes are progressive, intensive, and individualized

No wellness program

Immediate assessments for any residents where there is a concern with their strength, mobility, and balance

Ability to assess is dictated by insurance

Rehab consultant Physical Therapist

No ownership of functional wellness

On call Physical Therapist

Limited continuity of care due to lack of consistent therapy team in the building

On-going assessments for all residents to monitor their strength, mobility, balance, and quality of life

Residents only provided screens and therapy after a significant decline or life changing event such as a fall or hospitalization—no consistent monitoring of FOM

Constant communication with care givers/ staff in building to ensure continuity of care across all departments in building

Limited communication due to lack of consistent therapy team in the building

Monthly staff inservices to review safety with tasks such as proper lifting mechanics

Staff may not be provided with skilled training by qualified rehab staff

Cognitive classes for all residents with varying levels of dementia

May or may not be provided unless billed to patient with covered insurance plan